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I am a wildflower

A short story about my journey through discovering self-love and embracing who I am - I am a Wildflower. This is a journey that never really ends..
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I am a WildFlower.

I moved to Canada as a young girl.  Originally being brought up in Guatemala, I grew up with this feeling of being misplaced.  I stood out.  My skin was different, I dressed different, I expressed myself differently, I always felt as though I didn’t fit in.  And the truth is – I didn’t.

I went through life feeling this way.  At school, at church, at work.  I remember this one time in elementary school, my teacher asked me to stand in front of the class and sing a song in Spanish.  Being the new kid, I obediently obliged – and although I believe the teacher’s intentions were good – I sat down feeling embarrassed, alone, and even more misplaced.

I made my way through life with this feeling, A feeling of unworthiness, an outcast mentality, like I didn’t belong.  I was in a self-destructive pattern – constantly hiding, running, searching, trying to find my place, my title.  I was a people-pleaser and it was exhausting.

Then finally at 27 Years old, I hit rock bottom.  I had a failed marriage, I was a burnt-out entrepreneur and business woman, and I lost everything that identified me.   I was left with nothing, but me.

I finally looked at myself in the mirror, and learned to step away from the whirl-wind of inadequacy and self-doubt.  I realized – It’s True.  I don’t fit in, and I’m not supposed to.

I’m Amy Joy, a Guatemala-born Creative, Edgy, Empathetic, Big-haired, Big-hearted artist.  I have learned to embrace all that I am.  Like a wildflower I have learned to grow, I have realized that my wild, colourful petals are beautiful too.

I might stand out, and I might not fit in, but I do belong.

I’m a wildflower, and I’m not alone.  I’m going to bet, that you’re a wildflower too.  <3

This is a glimpse into my story about my journey through self-acceptance, healing and self love. A journey that many of us go through.. and a journey that never really ends. Sometimes we feel like we’re alone with this feeling.. so I share my story in hopes of encouraging the beautiful wildflower in you too.

If you struggle with these feelings often – and you’re looking for help please know that you’re not alone! The moment I took the step and found the help I needed through therapy, counselling and understanding was the moment I began to heal… If you’re looking for someone to talk to, reach out! Here are just a few amazing therapists and resources I would recommend:


A beautiful community that provides one-on-one therapy, personalized worksheets, plans and even Yoga! The beauty of this community is it’s online – and it’s so much more than therapy – it’s a safe space to heal & learn.


My recommended therapist. I love Tranquil Pathways, and I have personally worked through many of my own traumas, healings and breakthroughs with Katie. <3

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