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I'm Amy Joy

I am what you would call a Creative-Bound chica.  Creativity whether it be Art, Music or Photography has been a constant in my life ever since I was chiquita.  But it wasn’t until 2022 that I finally accepted myself as an Artist.  I went through a colourful journey of healing, self-acceptance, & a creative mindset transformation  Now I create from the inside-out, and I inspire fellow artists just like me.  I am a Nature-scape Photographer, Conscious Creator, Mentor & Entrepreneur.  To say that I create for a living is a dream.

My greatest hope is that my photography and art would inspire you to explore your own nature, your own passions and your own healing too.


I believe we are all Creative in one way or another.  My Soul’s Mission is to Spark, Enlighten and Awaken the Beautiful, Creative Genius in you.  Whether I get to Inspire you through my Art, or teach you through my Story, 

just know that YOU were designed with intention.

I bet you didn't know...


  1. I was born in-casa in the mountains of Guatemala.  No Hospital for my poor mama – and 28+ hours of labor!  I swear it was the big head of hair I came with…
  2. I Collect Mini-Cameras. ALL OF THEM.  Whether it’s a keychain, a necklace, anything small, cute and camera?!  Yup I’m that Nerd.  
  3. I could eat Black Beans Every day.  For Breakfast.  MMMMMM.  It’s the Chapina in me!
  4. I met the love of my life in the forest.  True Story. <3
  5. I am a bush-girl.  Mountains, Camping, Fishing, Nature?  Count me IN!!
  6. 80% of my wardrobe is thrifted!  Sustainability & conscious living are really important to me. <3
  7. I still own and Love my very first DSLR Camera – my Canon Rebel XS!!  I’m keeping this thing forever – even when it’s worth BIG money because it’s considered an ‘antique’.  😉

she’s just a nature-bound, big-hearted, creative soul


My story of healing

Want the Full bio?

This is my story...

1989 - Nacimiento
It all started 32 Years ago, when this creative little chapina came into the world. See, I have always been drawn to creativity.  As a young girl I would dance, sing and draw on the walls.  I was drawn to the colourful, imperfect ruins in Guatemala, the cracks, the unique flowers, the Bright Textiles that the Indigenous mayan women would hand-embroider.  This world was fascinating to me...
1996 - Big Life Change
And then at 7 years old everything changed.   I moved to Canada – to a whole new world, with my mama & 2 brothers.  We moved suddenly, & as a young girl, this was a traumatic experience for me.  I often felt as though I didn’t belong.  But through this experience I held on to creativity.  Creativity became a friend to me.  Any time I felt sad I would Draw, write, or play the Piano, but I would often keep this world to myself…  
2003 - Amo Photography
I was 14 Years old when I bought my first camera.  MY Canon Powershot!  I found a new passion and I was instantly drawn to the artistic world of Photography.  I was the girl who convinced all of my friends to come outside and “Photoshoot” with me.  My Hidden world of Creativity – was suddenly shared through photography.
2007 - Professional Girl
At 18 Years Old I bought my first DSLR – the Canon Rebel XS!!  Which.. Doesn’t really exist anymore, now they call this the Canon Rebel T7!  This is when I started to use Photography as a voice, as a means of expression and as a career.  I began to shoot Weddings, Couples, Portraits, Dogs – basically anyone who would hire me.
2010 - Success Story?
At 21 Years Old I went to College to study Media Arts.  I learned Graphic Design, Web Design and up-levelled my career in Photography.  This was the year that my entire world changed, yet again –  I got my degree, I got married, I invested in Photography Gear, and I was a self-proclaimed “Entrepreneur” with my own Graphic Design and Photography Business.  I was considered a Success story – To everyone else I had “MADE IT”.  But the Truth Was… I didn’t feel that way,  I started to feel like that 7 year old lost girl again…
-Overachiever Caterpillar-
This began a dark chapter in my life - I call this my Overachiever Caterpillar Chapter.   I was constantly working, running, searching and trying to prove my worth through my work, and relationships.  I filled my life with noise and busy-work  in order to distract myself from the fact that I felt numb inside.  The truth is I was very depressed, I isolated myself, and I didn’t share these feelings with anyone.  It didn’t make sense, I was supposed to be happy – I was AN ENTREPRENEUR, a WIFE, a BUSINESS WOMAN, a SUCCESS STORY.  Why Wasn’t I happy?!
2017 - Rock Bottom
At 28 years old this “successful” world I had created finally collapsed…  I went through a divorce, I closed my business, I threw in the towel as a self-proclaimed “entrepreneur”, and I lost everything that once identified me … I was just left with Amy Joy.
2018 - Healing Begins
This is when my life began to change.  I chose me… I began a journey of rest & healing.  I was now an X-Preneur and started to work a 9-5.  And you know what?  This was exactly what I needed in this season of my life!!  Sometimes you need to choose what’s best for YOU, for Your well-being, your season and your story, regardless of what Social Media or what anyone else tells you.  
-Cocoon Season-
During this season I started to befriend Creativity.  I began to write music, to sing, to spend time in nature, to take photos, just because.  See, working a 9-5 created a structure that I lacked as an entrepreneur.  I learned how to balance both work and creativity. I spent this season diving soul-deep into understanding who I was – I began to accept and love myself just as Amy Joy.  I simplified my life, I began to create from my heart and I learned to listen to my intuition.  
2021 - Metamorphis
After 3 years in this cocoon season, and after a crazy pandemic, I started to feel very isolated.. In addition my 9-5 job no longer felt aligned with my life. I knew it was time for something to change - So I followed my heart, I quit my job and I began to see a therapist. This transcended my inner-healing. I began to heal my limiting beliefs and from traumas I didn't even know existed. My life finally made sense, and for the first time, I embraced myself as an artist. I knew it was time to take what I had learned and Build again…  it was time to break out of the cocoon and fly…
I’m Amy Joy, A Guatemala-Born, Multi-Passionate Artist, Entrepreneur Reborn, & Creative Soul who learned how to use Creativity as a guiding Light through my Darkest season.  Now, I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned & helping fellow creatives who struggle like I once did.   I am a full-time Artist, Photographer & Creative Life Coach.  I have learned to create from the inside-out, from a place of healing, acceptance and love. 
-My Purpose-
I believe we can heal the world through art and creativity - but first we must start with ourselves. This is why I create. I create in order to point you to my Creator, my Saviour and my Healer. The One who can inspire and heal the creative soul in you. I am a firm believer that Creativity exists in all of us – and that creativity is a gift and a key to your soul's purpose. I am Amy Joy, and this is my Story. <3

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