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My Content Creation Style


I have a unique Content Creation Style, with a background in Photography and Graphic Design I often like to combine these two in what I call: Photo-Art.  Some would call me  a Composite Artist, a Photographer and  Cinematographer. 

My Passions lie in the Outdoors, Nature, Sustainable & Conscious Living, Creativity, Guatemala, and Photography.   These passions are often displayed in my work.  For a visual representation of my Creative Style take a peek at my portfolio below!  I have had the pleasure of creating for  38+ Individuals and Companies. 

Photo-art is so much more than a job

it’s a passion and an artistic expression

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You are a purpose-driven Business or a fellow Artist with a Big Heart for Sustainability,  Creativity, and slow-ethical living.  You are a small business  that wants to work with a like-minded conscious creator.  Additionally, you are a Canadian, Guatemalan or Indigenous-owned company*

If that sounds like you.. I ‘m your content-creation-soul-match!


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