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I am a big advocate for personal development, life-long learning, and in sharing what I’ve learned to Inspire and help you in your own creative journey- The fact that you’re here wanting to learn from me?  That is beautiful.  I value you, your time, your story and your potential.  You are a creative genius – let me show you!


The art of Photography

a Mastermind Experience



Photography is so much more than a career or a hobby …

You believe Photography is a form of expression, an artistic display of how we see this world, it truly is a form of Art.

You already know photography basics- camera basics and how to edit.   You believe that Photography is so much more than just a career or a hobby – it’s your calling, your gift and your means of expression!  You are an empathetic soul who is especially drawn to nature, raw stories and beautiful impactful imagery.

Now you want to go deeper.  You want to explore your deepest inner-creative so that your images tell a story.   Tell YOUR story.  You have a unique message and perspective and you want to learn how to express this through your photos.

Well my beautiful, blooming photo-artist.. you found your dream community.  This is more than a mastermind about photography – it’s an intuitive online coaching experience where we explore our story and creativity through guided photography sessions, mindset workshops and assignments.  It’s a journey of healing, expressing and creating – it’s your photography journey from the inside out.

This mastermind is hosted for 7 weeks with ME as your guide – come and be a part of a new breed of empathetic, soul-expressing Photographers.  We are a tight-knit Group of Creative, Beautiful, Nature-bound, empathetic souls who are bound together by our love and calling of Photography.  This course focuses on photography as an inner-expression and art-form.  Whether you’re just budding or blooming in photography – come join me, And let’s explore your photographic story together…


  • 7-week Online Mastermind Experience
  • Mindset work & Affirmations specifically for Photographers
  • Inner-exploration through Photography
  • Self-Portrait & Nature Assignments that empower you
  • Creative & Artistic Editing Tutorials
  • A Community of like-minded, beautiful Photo-Artists!

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I hope you feel a Creative flow &  Zen while colouring.
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